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Do you use a Power Switch for your MM?

  • Hey guys, I was wondering if you use a power switch for your setup?

    My original idea, was to use the normal power cable and the module of @Jopyth .

    Do you think this is a good combination, or should I use an extra powerswitch for the monitor and raspberry pi?

    Furthermore I would like to ask if you use holes in your frame to support the cooling of your mirror?

    Kind regards from Germany,


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    To shutdown the mirror I will use the remote tool, but to be sure there is no standby or whatever when I leave the house for couple of days, I intend to add a light switch on the wall next to the mirror which toggles the power outlets the mirror is connected to. However I am not yet at a stage to really build the mirror and the house is still being built, so the “target wall” does not yet exist.

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  • a raspberry pi costs nothing to have up and running (Raspberry Pi costs between £4.60 and £10.52 per year) so i just opted for Motiondetection for the screen to it pops on and off.

    simple yet awesome.

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    I myself use a switch originally designed for being operated by foot, however my whole setup is not the usual one (see my “interactive” prezi - almost at the end there is picture of what the product looks like). The switch is hidden underneath the boards between shoes and magic mirror. It it probably not worth for saving money, but I like to be able to switch things off completely.

    Best regards,

  • I just thought about not running the monitor all the time, cause of overheating. My Mirror will be 5,5 cm thick so I think that there should be enough room, that the warm air can flow away.

    Nevertheless, thank you for your input 🙂

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