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Advent Module not working for me...?

  • Caveat: this is the first module I have added to my mirror. I believe I have followed the instructions correctly. I did the git pull to get the MMM-Advent files into my /modules folder and I see the MMM-Advent folder. I modified config.js to add the module to my array. I did not use any configuration parameters at all and did not include “config:” in my config.js file.

    When I reboot my mirror, nothing displays at all and if I comment out the lines in my config.js file that I added my MM returns to normal. Is there a requirement for a config: parameter that I don’t know about?

    Thanks in advance,

  • @valid8r

    Maybe this will help you.
    It’s my part of config with the Advent module after updating by the developer with the possibility to implement 4 candles.:

                        module: 'MMM-Advent',
                        position: 'bottom_center',
                        config: {
                                updateInterval: 10 * 60 * 1000,
                                marks: 0, //default is 24
                                height: 400,
                                showFlameBeforeStart: false,
                                start: ["2016-11-27 00:00:01", "2016-12-11 00:00:01", "2016-12-18 00:00:01", "2016-12-04 00:00:01"],
                                end: ["2016-12-24 23:59:59", "2016-12-24 23:59:59", "2016-12-24 23:59:59", "2016-12-24 23:59:59"],
        //                      start: "2016-11-25 00:00:01", //Geburtstag Anfang
        //                      end: "2016-11-25 23:59:59", //Geburtstag Ende
        //                      start: "2016-12-01 00:00:01", //Eine Kerze; default is "2016-12-01 08:00:00"
        //                      end: "2016-12-24 23:59:59", //Eine Kerze; default is "2016-12-24 22:00:00"
                                enableAnimation: true,
                                fontColor: "#000000", //default is #000000 (black)
                                candleColor: "#FFFFFF", //default is #FFFFFF (white)

  • Moderator

    @valid8r Did you copy and paste the example config from the readme? The section should work as is. If you did not copy it exactly, pay attention to the braces and commas, maybe you have got a syntax error.

    Full disclosure: I am the author of the module.

  • Thanks guys - I’m embarrassed to admit that I had typed “bottom-center” instead of “bottom_center”!

  • @valid8r

    have u tried the snow module?

    looks nice with advent together.

  • @lolobyte Thanks!!! This helped. I saw from this that I had mis-typed “bottom_center” as “bottom-center”!

    You would think that as an Engineer, details would be something I would excel at, apparently that is not the case!

    @lolobyte said in Advent Module not working for me...?:


    have u tried the snow module?

    looks nice with advent together.

    I’m having trouble using git clone with the https:// link you provided. can you confirm that is the correct fork? Also does the module use position: ?

  • @valid8r

    Hi, thats the web link. There is no fork link.
    Create a folder “snow” in your module folder.

    Copy snow.js and snow.css in this folder.

    Edit your config.js an put folowing code into

        module: 'snow',

    restart your mm with

    pm2 restart mm

    Good luck

  • @lolobyte Got it! Thanks! Wife love it.

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