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    This is a simple module which uses external scripts as data source to display the temperature and humidity of different sensors.
    As i use an HTU21 sensor a script to read the values is included already.



    Version 0.0.1

    The initial release provides the following features

    • read temperature of sensors by calling scripts with arguments
    • multiple sensors with different data scripts can be added
    • sensors can be displayed with or without name
    • an example script to read the data of an HTU21 sensor attached to the I2C bus of the raspberry is included and will be used as default data source
    • an example of how to connect an HTU21 sensor to an ESP32 micro controller with build-in wifi is included also


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    Nice! I don’t have/use sensors but cool just the same!

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    Hello !

    Nice script but can you tell us what information you need to execute scripts ? Maybe I should open a troubleshooting thread but I tried with the examples with script and have this config :

        module: 'MMM-Temperature',
        position: 'top_right',
        config: {
    sensors: [				
    name: "Test",
    script: "/home/pi/Adafruit_Python_DHT/examples/",
    args: "11 2"

    And get an error (but if I use the script alone, i get the temperature and humidity)

    Thanks !

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    @Hadr1en Hi, the module expects an json string as output of the script it executes. There is a section in the readme which shows an example:

       "humidity": 32.61236572265625,
       "temperature_c": 25.50150878906249, //Temperature in °C
       "temperature_f": 77.9027158203125, //Temperature in °F
       "error": false

    What kind of error do you get?

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