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WE WANT YOU! [New Moderators]

  • Admin

    Hi guys,

    We are looking for some new moderators to help us maintain this forum!
    There are currently 2.4 thousand registered users on this site, our moderator team on the other hand only consist out of 3 people (@MichMich, @KirAsh4 and myself). All of us have jobs and other side projects going on, so it has become impossible for us to do this all alone and that’s where we are asking you guys for help! 🙂

    The moderator job:

    • Adding Markdown code highlighting to posts which don’t yet use it, as well as a note instructing the post author to do so themselves next time
    • Making sure new topics are in the right category
    • Splitting up topics if new questions get posted that have nothing to do with the original topic
    • Improving topic titles to clearly and on point state what the topic is about
    • Cleaning up the Showcase category: People needing help / having problems should be splittet into a new post in the troubleshooting category
    • Deleting spam messages and blocking spamming users
    • Watching over the community and making sure everyone plays nice with all the others
    • Trying to help in general
    • New stuff you come up with, you are part of our team so feel free to suggest your wishes

    Requirements for the job:

    • You should know the MagicMirror framework well. Ideally but not mandatory, you have already committed some changes to the core project
    • You enjoy and have fun helping other people
    • You should be fluent in English

    If you are interested, write a short text why you’d love to be a moderator, as well as telling us a bit about yourself and post it in this topic!

    We are looking forward to hear from you guys! 🙂

  • I would like to volunteer to help moderate the forum. I’m very new here, but I have many years experience moderating and hosting football discussion forums. I host and maintain a handful of websites and I’m experienced with a lot of forum back-end management.

    I spend the majority of my day in front of a computer screen and I’m here very frequently. Again, I’m still new to Github, but I’ve forked some code and shared some original modifications. I’m in the process of refreshing my coding skills specifically to develop ideas for my mirror. I enjoy helping people develop skills and answering questions as best I can.

    This is a great, friendly community and I have learned a ton in a very short time. I would be happy to invest time to help keep things clean and orderly. Also, my wife is a huge Doctor Who fan. 😉

  • Moderator

    I’d like to apply too.
    I am active almost every day and try to help people where ever I can. I don’t know the entire magic mirror framework and all of it’s specifications by heart, but I know where to look.
    I am a software engineer and IT analyst, giving support to others is my daily business. Feedback from my real life users was always great.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    I can recommend @yawns and @ianperrin for this positions.

    They helped a lot and made also some excellent modules.

  • Moderator

    I would like to offer help with forum moderation as well. While I’m new to this forum I have spent last 7+ years of my career building products evolving around user community and collaboration (Yahoo Groups, Flickr and now Slack). Clear communication, empathy, courtesy and respect are some of the things on top of my list to keep building healthy and thriving community.

    I’ve been following MichMich and his wonderful projects on Tumblr for a while, always wanted to build a mirror since his very initial build out. I didn’t have much time to play around with it. Then v2 came out and I kept saying to myself that I have to try it out. I finally joined community about a month ago, started to play around with core code and modules. And I got hooked. This is a really nice project with so many wonderful additions developed by people from all over the world.

    My first module that I’ve built was based on a request that I found in this forum. I have a few more ideas for building modules. This forum helped me find information that I needed to understand and build things for MM. I just want to give back and help.


  • Module Developer

    @strawberry-3.141 how about yourself? You also seem active and always really helpful!

  • Moderator

    @tosti007 said in WE WANT YOU! [New Moderators]:

    @strawberry-3.141 how about yourself? You also seem active and always really helpful!

    I would recommend him too, but he is currently working on his bachelor stuff. I could imagine he is really short on time

  • Module Developer

    @yawns ah yes ofcourse. I can imagine he would be too busy, but if he has the time I think he would be a good choice.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @tosti007 as @yawns mentioned I’m busy with my bachelor thesis and thereafter moving into another city, starting a job etc., on the other side I’m currently online anyways to support my testers. I would just behave and helping as I am doing now.

    I wouldn’t say no, but also I wouldn’t explicitly applying for it.

  • Module Developer

    @strawberry-3.141 ah alright fair enough, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would ask you 🙂 good luck with all the stuff 🙂

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