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Test platform mirror

  • Hi all, been looking at building this for the last 9 months and finally got around to making it this week. Basically I was looking to test the technology behind MM and see if I would get any use out of it before investing time in a prettier model. Currently using the default weather & clock modules and email module by ronny3050.


    I think that the next frame will be a purchase rather than a build, there’s floorstanding mirrors in argos for 25GBP (aprox $30US) which will a fit a fair size monitor.

    Cheers, RobJ.

  • Moderator

    Great approach, investing a small amount of money before wasting too much money in something you won’t use. 👍

    Personally I would reduce the outer margins to get some more useable space in the middle of the mirror.

  • Thanks yawns, great tip! I’ll have a play this afternoon.

  • Actually @RobJ I like that frame!! It’s a cool look!! I know you’re just testing but if counter sunk those L brackets and used brass screws that would look REALLY cool!!! 🙂

  • @cowboysdude thanks! Yes I hadn’t really thought about making it a bit more stylish. I have some sheet brass at home and could make the L brackets from that, would look nicely steam punk then. bit of wood stained to darken… mmm… now you have me thinking!

  • @RobJ YES that would look amazing!!! Great thought!! You could either use brass screws or paint them a different color perhaps copper or black…