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MMM-Swipe - Hand gestures

  • @trisfoz
    Hi, i don’t know if you are still trying but i had the same problem. I fixed it by adjusting the usonic.js file. If you check the git page of this project you can find a recent bugfix for the BCM2835.

    } else if (hardware === 'BCM2709') {

    chagned to

    } else if (hardware === 'BCM2709' || hardware === 'BCM2835') {

    Applying this fix brought me one step further.

    But now i’m stuck at starting MagicMirror as sudo.

  • @Melnem
    Hi, thanks for your message. It fixed my problem.
    I do not know if you have managed to run in sudo at startup but I use PM2.
    In the start script :

    cd ~

    In I put

    cd ~/MagicMirror
    DISPLAY=:0 sudo npm start

    and it seems to work fine.

    Thanks again for all your help !

  • Module Developer

    To anyone still looking to continue development of this module or to adjust it so the Mirror does not need to be run as sudo: I started work on a fork to change to using the onoff node module which doesn’t require sudo.

    The new version is about 90% there and just needs some additional testing to make sure everything works as intended. Unfortunately, after I put the effort into re-writing a lot of the code, I realized that the sensors and my dog do not get along so I need to try something else.

    I’m putting the code out there in case anyone is interested in taking it any further… there are some development notes on the readme page to explain some of the differences in the two versions.

    Thank you to @mochman for the original development and inspiration.

  • Hi!

    i rebuild all these fantastic stuff and installed the MMM-Swipe (Original from @mochman ) and now its starting fine ect.

    I can also see the two different sensors in the calibration mode detecting my hand act , but i can’t get any response in the verbose mode… it only shows me WAITING FOR MOVEMENT. Not more… is there any way to get more information for debugging?

  • Hello !

    I have ordered my HC-SR04 and I’m trying to understand how to setup this module.
    I have understand to setup of the GPIO but I don’t understand the notification stuff.

    Let’ say on first page I have those modules :

    And on second page, I want to have “MMM-CalendarExt”

    Where should I code the notification ?
    If someone can share a simple code to explain how we can switch from page 1 to page 2, I would highly appreciate.