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MMM-Swipe - Hand gestures

  • @bob123bob I use Raspbian Jessie last version, Nodejs 6.5.0.
    I have test it with Nodejs 5.11.1, the same issue.
    I run MM without sudo.

  • Module Developer

    I’m running:

    RasPi 3 with Jessie
    NodeJs 6.7.0
    Fully updated with

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    sudo rpi-update

    I just removed the entire MMM-Swipe Folder

    cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/
    git clone
    cd MMM-Swipe/
    npm install
    cd ~/MagicMirror/
    sudo npm start

    I don’t get any of those errors. I don’t know what module version 49 is?

  • Moderator

    @mochman Similar issue here. They changed the package.json to fix it. Seems to be a problem with a new Electron version.

    You would only get this error if you newly install Magic Mirror (npm install in the MagicMirror folder gets the new package, if you want to reproduce it).

  • Module Developer

    @Jopyth Thanks! I was able to reproduce the error. I updated the package.json file and it runs correctly.

  • Did you try to use the HR-SR04 behind the mirror glas? I would like to use it like that but don’t know if the ultrasonic sensor will work behind the glas.

  • Module Developer

    No, I have some speakers behind some speaker mesh. I put the sensors behind the mesh.

  • Ok thanks for the info. I will try it.

  • I have just installed the MMM-Swipe module and wired up the sensors to the Raspberry for tests. Right now I still do not understand how this modul communicates with the other Magic Mirror modules. How do I have to config e.g. the calender module or the clock module to swipe left or right? Or does it just work with special modules?
    That´s the only information I found on Github:

    This module will use the sendNotification(notification, payload) to send:
    notification = ‘MOVEMENT’
    payload = ‘Swipe Left’, ‘Swipe Right’, or ‘Press’

    Please use as appropriate in your module using notificationReceived(notification, payload, sender)

  • Module Developer

    @Blamer Yeah, this isn’t created with a certain module in mind. It sends that notification so you can use it in a module you create if you want. I haven’t been really using this too much after I made it so I don’t have any other modules that would utilize the notifications.

  • hi @mochman - i don’t really get what is the use of your module… could you please give me some use case pls? thx a lot