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Please read the release notes carefully since this update requires adjustments to your Raspberry Pi configuration!

Frameless Illuminated Motion Sensitive SmartMirror

  • Hey

    I want to show you my smartmirror powered by Magic Mirror.

    I made a Video to show it to you in action.

    Let me know what you think!

    Some more Details:

    front of mirror turned on picture 1

    front of mirror turned on picture 2

    The mirror’s measurements are 80cm x 55cm. While the ones of the frame are 70cm x 45cm. So that the mirror glas juts out the frame by 5cm on each side. It has a thickness of 6mm.
    I got the mirror from a glazier around my town. Unfortunately it is a german contact. On the delivery note it was mentioned as ESG Mirastar-Spionspiegel (Spionspiegel = “two way mirror”).

    I built the “frame” by myself. Actually it is rather a box than a frame. When standing in front of the mirror you won’t be able to see it.

    early stage mirror frame front

    early stage mirror frame back

    I attached the 21" monitor to the frame.
    The frame is attached to the mirror.
    I used a special double-sided tape to fix the mirror to the frame.

    attaching monitor 1

    In the picture below you can see that the tape is transparent.
    I chose that one, because if it was a white one it could reflect light and it may be seen when you stand in front of the mirror. Therefore the box is also painted black.
    attaching monitor 2

  • @pascal456 That looks awesome! Do you have a build log? Or pictures of the back? What are you using to attach the mirror to the monitor?

  • Hi and thanks!!
    I actually do not have something like a build log. But I will post some more pics here.

  • @pascal456 Thank you. I find your build process intriguing.

    Do you have any concerns about the adhesion of the glass and the tape? I suppose I don’t know much about frameless mirrors. I have no idea how commercial mirrors are constructed.

  • Very nice! I’m also a bit concerned about how well the tape would hold the glass. Aren’t you afraid that it might fall at some point? Or does it seam really solid?

  • After I put the mirror glas onto the frame, I turned it around, took it by the frame and shook it as hard as it was possible. Nothing happened 😃

    Like you can see in the video in the product description (unfortunately it is in german) of the tape that i used, they fixed more than a 10kg weight to a wall. Actually the mirror glas has a relatively minor weight of about 6.5kg 😉 AND I used about 20 times as much of the tape, like they did in the video.

    I was more worried about the screws that i used to fix the mounting of the frame. 😃

  • Very nicely done!

  • Module Developer

    Hi @pascal456,
    this looks really great! Could you tell me where you got your mirror from?

  • @cowboysdude Thank You!

  • @PtrBld Hi and thanks!

    I will update the original post regarding that information!