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Electron CPU usage

  • Hey all, new user here.

    I just installed everything according on my pi3 to the handy guides, using the automatic installer. However my MM lags whenever there’s a big animation like the compliment changing or the news feed updating. Using task manager it seems my electron cpu usage is around 35 percent at rest and over 100 percent during a transition.

    Any thoughts on this? What information do I need to supply to help identify the problem?

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    That’s with just the default installation? Have you added any modules?

  • Yeah that’s just default, no additional modules. I did remove both compliments and news feed both together and individually to see if it was one particular module but it seems to be both causing problems.

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    @wtidwell said in Electron CPU usage:

    I did remove both compliments and news feed both together and individually to see if it was one particular module but it seems to be both causing problems.

    Well, I’m fairly certain it is neither one of those modules. You’ve got something else going on there. The Pi3 can easily handle the default installation, and more.

    What size SD card are you using? What speed is the SD card you are using? Is there anything else on the SD card other than the OS and the MM software? How much available space is on the SD card?

  • It’s a Samsung 32gb microsd. It’s Class10, u1 which I was wondering if that may be a problem? It says I have 22.9gb free out of 27.9 total.

    Also I tried to reinstall electron and it said there was an unmet peer dependency for styleint. So now I’m trying to figure out how to install that.

    Edit: got stylelint installed but it’s still laggy.

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    The capacity is certainly large enough. I don’t know if the U1 designation has anything to do with it. There is a recommended SD card list somewhere. Your free space is more than adequate, assuming you expanded the swap file during installation of the OS, or something like that. If stylelint was a warning, and not an error, then that shouldn’t affect performance. I know, all of this doesn’t help you, so . . .

    A few more thoughts. Are you running Raspbian Jessie? Lite? Are node and npm up to date?

    I know it’s a hassle, but I always suggest a clean, MANUAL installation as opposed to troubleshooting, which could take hours, or days. Some people have had troubles with the automatic installer. That’s just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

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    @wtidwell Can you share the configuration when did you get a big CPU usage?

    What version are you using?

  • @Mykle1
    Looks like I’m running Jessie and my SD card is on the recommended list so I’ll try a manual reinstall.

    Thanks for all your help!

  • @roramirez

    I just did a full clean install of everything including Raspian and I had to install stretch instead of Jessie but everything else installed smoothly but I’m still having this lag.

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    2 clean installations, 1 with Jessie and 1 with Stretch and the same issue appears? Unless some step is missing with the OS or MM then I’d hate to assume you have a hardware issue. I really need to get a spare Pi3 so that I can troubleshoot more effectively. I’m only on a dev machine at the moment.

    Perhaps @roramirez has some input here

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