PIR-Sensor - put your mirror to sleep if not used

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    NOOB alert!!

    I have added the module, updated the config.js file accordingly, but then, with nothing connected, the screen turns completely white?? (Opposite to what I expect to happen).

    Could you kindly indicate what I might observe when it is running as expected? With a PIR connected, and without?

    I have learnt how to run “npm start dev”; What should I look for in that console if it is functioning?

    Or any other means of testing if it’s working, or where it is breaking?

    Much obliged!!

  • @paviro


    Just lest you miss my response to @Bangee , I have resolved my problem.

    Bangee gives a step-by-step how to re-install the module, which helped me to get my device working.

    Thanx, once again, for a great module!


  • @Bangee Thanks for the assistance. I tried that link along with a couple of other suggestions that I came across from the forums but nothing worked. I went and ordered a new PIR sensor as a last resort and bam worked once I plugged it in. This is a great module. Its really going to save me some money in energy costs and increase the life of my MagicMirror Monitor.

  • I don’t yet have my PIR sensor (soon!), but had a question.
    When the mirror is unused, with the monitor off, it doesn’t make sense to do frequent updates on all of the modules. I could tune those way back, if I could force a refresh on all modules when the PIR triggers a monitor wake-up.

    Is there an easy way to trigger a refresh of some/all modules when the PIR module senses a wake-up event?

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    @FlatPepsi I have implemented this to a few of my own modules, and it is relatively simple to add, depending on which modules you want to adapt. However it will require some fiddling with the code of the modules.

  • @Jopyth OK, I’m game. Can you share how that would work?

    I just saw a module to play a sound on events- maybe I could also add a cool sound when the monitor wakes/sleeps. Either a Disney-style magic sound, or a StarTrek computer sound…

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    @FlatPepsi I have made a helper function here. This basically works like a normal setInterval, except it stops, when noone is present, and immediately exectues when a someone comes back. The helper functions for this are here, you can probably just copy and paste them. And then you finally need to check incoming notifications like this.

  • Thanks for this awesome module, works like a charm!

    I have one question though, would it be possible in some way to make the sensor inactive a specific time of the day? So that the screen won’t turn on no matter what.

  • Does the problem has known issues with MMM-Remote? Even if i once edit the powerDelay with MMM-Remote it breaks the config file.
    Any other module works with the Remote module.

    Could you please check this?