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Additional Info for each module

  • Module Developer

    the last weeks i spended lots of time testing modules and so many of them are realy
    great ( a few are grab 😉 ) but thats also ok. But during all the testing i found out that
    its very very important to select the fitting hardware.
    For example:
    I develop on a Raspi P3B nice little machine and can handle a lot but not everything.
    So this wunderfull modules MMM-voice i impossible to use on a PI much too slow.
    On an old laptop with ubuntu it runs perfect.
    I found this result fits too a lot of modules they work perfect ok fast cpu but not on a
    simple one.
    So my suggestion is:
    If every module developer puts an information at the beginning of his readme to tell
    the cpu where the module was developed and a recommendation.
    DEV-CPU: INTEL xyz with Ubuntu 16.04
    REC-CPU: same or faster

    I think this would keep a lot of people from getting unhappy with great module on a
    slow cpu.

    So what do u all think about this idea???

    Take care

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @tbbear said in Additional Info for each module:

    So what do u all think about this idea???

    I like this idea and I will comply with all future modules. 🙂

    My recent Hello-Lucy enhancement for MMM-voice does make mention of the cpu it was developed on and the expected latency when using a non-integrated USB microphone. 🙂

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