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1.1k members and a short update regarding myself

  • Admin

    Hi there! 🙂

    I just saw we now have 1.1k members, which is absolutely incredible! I think neither of us (@MichMich) could have imagined that when we decided to open this website as a place for creative people to meet, discuss and share their ideas for the future.

    You have probable noticed I am not really active on the forum right now, since we`ve gotten so many new members most probably won’t even know me anymore 😃 In case any of you missed me, here is a short status update:

    As you guys may know I moved to Berlin recently which is exactly at the other side of Germany from where I used to live until now. This of course takes some getting used to since I left most of my friends and my family (except my girlfriend) behind. I also started an apprenticeship as a media designer for image and sound at a film tech rental. I skipped the first year and because of that I have to catch up on quite some school stuff… Those are basically the reasons I am a bit absent on here but I am definitely planing on coming back and also work on my modules again, tough I am not sure yet when I will fully have the time and motivation for doing that again 🙂

  • Module Developer

    Wish you a good time in Berlin. Did you found a apartment in Berlin? It’s a horror to find a good one. 😃

  • Admin

    Thanks! Yeah guess I was lucky, I am living in Kreuzberg near Moritzplatz 🙂

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Hey, hurry back! 🙂

  • Admin

    Hey Man, we miss you over here. Hope you’re doing well in Berlin!

  • Moderator

    We should organize a dev meeting once we are enough builders in the Berlin area. 🙂

  • Admin

    Yeah definitely! If you want to meet someday just send me a message! 🙂

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