Introduce yourself!

  • @analogcheep give this a try as will need little programming and gives you bit more of the config

    Scrap that as after some playing now do things totally different and its much easier for the zero. Slightly unsure why such complicated methods exist for the pi0 as its really simple.
    Haven’t even bothered with a script as its easy and the NodeJS tools are extremely user friendly.
    Try that instead now I have a week under my belt with a zero and MM 🙂

  • Hello my name is Steve, I’m retired and trying to keep the old mind sharp. Creating my first MagicMirror has really helped. It was a tremendous struggle. There is a whole new mindset and language to learn when it comes to talking and coding and working with MagicMirror. Took me awhile to catch on. Before I started all I wanted to do was figure a way to automate some window blinds in a upstairs window. YouTube introduces me to Arduino then Esp8266 then Raspberry pi. Then Raspberry pi introduces me to MagicMirror. Have forgotten the automated blinds. So I guess I’ll see you around.

  • Hello everyone,

    I work at a school and thought this Raspberry Pi project would be perfect for a bulletin board.

    It is definitely more involved than I thought it would be. But its been a great learning experience.

    Still working out the bugs though. Hopefully have it bug free soon!

  • Hi, my name is Joe
    Im 29 year old from Philadelphia, PA, USA and became interested in building my own smart mirror after seeing one in a department store a few years ago.
    I’ve always considered myself tech-savvy but after diving into this, it seems as if my expertises hardly surpassed those who could restart a router lol.
    I suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2009, after being mugged by two unknown individuals-- they shot me in the back of my head 😕
    Despite making-- virtually-- a full recovery, I still suffer memory, comprehension, and concentration issues. Before I get off-topic, I want to say how Michael’s Magic Mirror is what I happened to stumble upon during my hunt for the “smart mirror in the department store.”
    I eventually gathered all the materials needed to build my first mirror and proudly fiddle around with it-- tweaking it every chance I get.
    I have little knowledge in comp. sci-- being a communications major-- but consider this a huge, new-ish interest of mine.
    edit: I just wanted to add how working on the MM has been a form of therapy for me, over the years, and wanted to thank you–Michael and everybody involved-- for this community and making this a project that even I can understand with enough digging.
    I just want to apologize now for any and all weirdly worded queries I might have…

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    I dare speak for everyone when I say, “You are most welcome here.” I’m in NYC. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. There are plenty of knowledgeable and helpful people here. Go Eagles!

  • @Mykle1
    NYC, cool… have you been living there long? Idk where I read it, but I assumed you were living in Germany.
    Anyways, thank you and it’s funny that you mentioned the Eagles since I have made a slide (using MM-Carousel) dedicated to the Eagles and NFL lol.
    Your work is much appreciated, here 😃

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    @FruityBebbles said in Introduce yourself!:

    I assumed you were living in Germany.

    Nein! 😉

    Born and raised and live right here.

    Glad you’re enjoying MM. I found it 3 years ago and I’m still having fun with it.

  • @Mykle1

    Nein! 😉

    Lmao, touche 😛

    Oh, wow 3 years? That was around the time I started this project… Im sorry to hear about the Giants-- not really, though-- but wanna say that Ima follow you on insta-- easier to talk through there, personally.

  • Hello! My name is Andrew, I’m 32 years old and currently living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. I am an electrical engineer and systems analyst turned patent attorney.

    I recently found your project again and am hoping to make use of it in the coming months. You all have done tremendous work on this project and I look forward to further enhancements.

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    So, I am Bernard from South Africa. I have been running my mirror for almost 2 years now and loving it. Remodeled my place last week and now I need to find a new home for my mirror. I am a Systems Analyst by trade and code in my spare time. This is an awesome project and I love helping people on the forum who are facing issues etc. Great project guys.