WE WANT YOU! [New Moderators]

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    Thank you all for volunteering! We will wait until Sunday and then decide who gets the job 🙂

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    @paviro I guess another important thing would be to cover different timezones

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    Would be nice yeah 🙂

  • Moderator

    I offer to help as a moderator.

    Why do I think I am qualified?

    • By now I feel like I understand most of the project, except a few details here and there
    • I have previously moderated a forum for a few years (in my opinion successfully and fairly) - even though the topic (a forum for a gaming clan for an MMO) and technology (that was 6 years ago) was different, the same tasks and skills apply
    • I try to be as helpful as possible, whenever I type an answer (maybe my reputation rank compared to my number of posts rank (currently #7 vs. #10) between the users of the forum reflects that just a little bit - or it is just the popularity of my modules, who knows?)
    • I have had suggestions before (here), 80 percent of which @paviro carried out, a tiny part of me is still waiting for the other 20 percent to be changed or an answer why the remainder wasn’t such a good idea

    Why do I want to?

    • Some of the points you mentioned in the moderator job bug me, too, and it is clear that it is too much work for you guys - so many topics with missing markdown, unfitting thread titles and error reports (troubleshooting requests) in the showcase threads - and I could not help before, but I might be able to do that, if you take me
    • I love the community and the project, and reached a (in my opinion) surprising amount of attention with a few of my modules, and would like stay active

    Why you should definitely not take me:

    • I would definitely no longer call my post a short text
    • Also I would have more free time

    In the last weeks since Christmas I didn’t have as much time for the project and the forum, I had to do a lot of stuff for university and work, but things have calmed down a bit now. In the next days I will start dealing with all the issues on my modules, since v2.1.0 came out, and hopefully also soon help with moderating the forum.

  • Module Developer

    I would like to apply too. I know I am really late with applying, but better late than never?

    I am a 20 years old and from the Netherlands. I currently am in the second year of my bachelor in computer science, so writing code isn’t an issue. I already made 2 modules of my own, which is a lot of fun, and made a pull request to the main Framework (something small but it’s something).

    I would like to be a moderator because I think it would be a great learning experience. I really like MagicMirror, it’s forum and community. I enjoy helping people and try to do so already, most preferably that they also learn something with it.
    The additional tasks of a moderator won’t be much of a problem since I enjoy improving and helping this forum. (Then it’s actually possible to unleash the inner markdown OCD. :))

    As you probably noticed by now I meet the requirements of being fluet in English and enjoying helping others. However I don’t know the framework that well yet and I am still trying to figure everything out and learn about it. Luckily I am a fast learner :). I won’t do it without mistakes on the way, but I think it will be a fun and learning experience. This is also the main reason why I am so late with applying. I wasn’t sure if I met the requirements, but I am very eager to learn and really looking forward to the experience.

    Best regards,
    Brian (yes that’s my real name)

  • Admin

    Thank you so much for everyone who applied! 🙂

    @MichMich and I have decided to appoint three new moderators.
    The lucky ones are: @yawns, @morozgrafix and @Jopyth congratulations and welcome to our team! 🙂

    To the ones who weren’t chosen, have fun on the forum it wasn’t an easy choice!

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    The decision was based on the (professional) experience, and the involvement in the project. Since we are still growing, keep an eye on this topic for future moderator positions.

    Everyone that applied: thank you very much. Your commitment is very valuable to us and the project!

    @yawns, @morozgrafix and @Jopyth, welcome to the team! 👍

  • Module Developer

    @yawns, @morozgrafix and @Jopyth congratulations!

  • Moderator

    @paviro & @MichMich thank you for warm welcome. I’m looking forward to contributing more and helping this amazing community thrive.

  • Congratz to the new mods and thanks for your consideration!