Possible to enable mouse cursor on screen?

  • Hi, I’m planning to create a module to display a image carousel. The will be a left button on the left side of the screen and a right button on the right side of the screen. When a user clicks the left or right button, a new image is displayed in the center of the screen.

    The final version will most likely be touch enabled, but until then I would like to test out the button click events using a mouse for the time being. However the mouse/cursor seems disabled whenever I load the magic mirror. Is there anyway I can enable the mouse while using the magic mirror?

  • Module Developer

    That’s funny because I came here looking for the same thing… I’m hoping there is!

  • Admin

    It is disabled via CSS I am not sure on which element html or body so adding something like the following to the custom css file should work:

    body {

  • Module Developer

    As paviro said, the cursor is hidden as default, and to make stuff clickable you have to change the z-index of region-fullscreen to 0 (the fullscreen div is over everyrhing and blocks links and on click events.)

  • Module Developer

    Thanks @paviro

    See I knew there’d be a way 😉