MagicMirror² v2.11.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.


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    @SvenSommer I use a Fitlet microPC. Quad core, AMD processor, AMD graphics, 8GB RAM.

  • I’m going to attempt to create a lite version of this module for Pi users when I get the opportunity. In actuality, I’d like to rebuild the module entirely as there’s a lot of code cleanup I’d like to do. Although Rob S was the original creator of the globe, he assisted me in making heavy changes to the code, and I had to make some additions to make it compatible with the MM framework. Unbelievably, this was actually heavier on processing prior to release. Performance improvements are at the top of my list, as are a few other things.

    How is it ongoing with the lite module?
    I would love to see your module on my mirror. Sadly nothing else then a RPi3 is possible at the moment.

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    @barnosch I have it on my 32" mini itx mirror and it’s awesome! Not to make you feel bad but if the lite version comes out you’re gonna love it!

  • too late. now i feel bad

    Already tested it on my Notebook, to see it in real. Very very nice. Thats why i asked.

  • @Eunanibus Has there been much progress on this lite version? I know there is about 50,000 lines to work through so I’m not expecting anything soon, just wanting an update if possible because I’m a bit tired of looking at this 3fps globe on the rpi3. Thanks heaps for your work

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    Hi guys,

    Apologies for the late response. Unfortunately I’ve started a new software engineering role and my time has been entirely dominated by an array of distractions.

    While I can only suggest that users of this module do not rely on a Pi, I will endeavour to have a more lighweight, Pi-friendly edition of this module (which should lighten the load for other users too) within the next couple of months. Unfortunately, due to load; I can’t make any promises on deadlines for delivery.

    I’m having other developers join me in refining the library and tidying up the code quite considerably. Unfortunately, due to the rendering calculations involved, it’s not simply a weekend job. I’m going to do my best to get this completed as soon as possible.

    Thanks to all users who have helped others with support in technical issues - You’re truly terrific.

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    @Eunanibus just one question… it may have been answered and I didn’t find it but the extra points on the map that are blank… is there a config option to hide those?

    To only show the coordinates that are in the config.js?

    SORRY I figured it out 🙂

    Again, GREAT mod


  • I have been thinking about a work around for to run this on a pi3 because I really want this module on my set up.
    Would it be possible to render a full rotation(or 5/6 of them) on the pi and output it to a video/gif, then have it play on a loop on the MM?

  • does it work for somebody on a raspi 3?

  • Its better when i switch to Full GL driver on Raspi 3.
    But the monitor turns on original position? does somebody understand that behaviour?