1st Project: Hallway Notice Board with Integrated Smart Mirror

  • For a while I’ve wanted to make my own mirror and decided to integrate it into a hallway notice board next to the front door.
    One of my aims was to try and keep the frame quite low profile, I re-purposed my old Sony Vaio laptop LCD. Set about designing and making the frame.

    0_1494948156652_Frame 01.JPG

    I decided to make the frame out of Oak.
    0_1494947923988_Frame s01.jpg

    The software side of things was nice and simple, good to learn some programming along the way to personalise. Just running a few modules at the moment. Will add some more on a timed schedule.
    I like the MMM-Todoist Module, I use that to send my mirror messages from wherever I am as reminders.

    Here is the finished Mirror
    On the left the is the mirror. I made this myself with glass and mirror vinyl. on the right is a matt grey vinyl on glass with a metal sheet behind for use with the wooden magnets I made to match the frame. I can use liquid chalk markers for notes on the glass.
    0_1494948468382_Frame s02.jpg

    0_1494949293435_Frame s03.jpg

    Overusing the masking tape a little.
    0_1494949352314_Frame s04.jpg

    Next job is to hang it on the wall and hide the wires powering the mirror.
    0_1494949359204_Frames s05.jpg

  • Moderator

    Beautiful frame, well done.

  • @joela85

    Yes, nicely done. :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Module Developer

    Very nicely done!! :)

  • Wow. Excellent woodworking skills there. Good idea in both concept & execution.

  • Module Developer

    Looking great! Nice work!

  • Thank you. :)
    I like the idea that it can be finished but you can always update or tweak the software/appearance stuff remotely.

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