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Change Modules name

  • Hi everyone! I hope you’re finding very well!

    I have a doubt… is it possible to change the modules original name? For example change iFrame for News1

    Kind regards

  • Moderator

    Sure. Change the name of the folder, the name of the module.js and the module name inside the module.js file

  • @yawns great, and can I copy the folder, so I have the original module with it’s original name, and the copy with the custom name?

  • Module Developer


    Yes, just make the changes that @yawns stated above

  • @pepemujica No.

    If you have [for example] MMM-This and you want MMM-That you have to change the folder name first to MMM-That…

    Now…inside that folder change MMM-This.js to MMM-That.js

    THEN open MMM-That.js and at the top it will have this line ---->

    Module.register(“MMM-This”, {

    That has to be changed to:

    Module.register(“MMM-That”, {
    Save the file…

    NOW some issues you may encounter… IF in MMM-That there is a line like this —>

    getStyles: function() {
    return [“MMM-This.css”];

    That could potentially also need to be changed… IF you change it there you must go into the directory and rename MMM-This.css to MMM-That.css

    IF you do that then you need to open MMM-That.css and inside there will be this ->>>

    .MMM-This .photo {

    They ALL have to be changed to MMM-That as well.

    Then you have renamed it …

  • Module Developer

    On the Raspberry Pi, a shortcut to renaming all of the instances of ‘MMM-This’ inside the files is to use the following​ command. Don’t forget to navigate to the new module’s directory!

    find . -type f | xargs sed -i 's/MMM-This/MMM-That/g'

    You still need to rename the actual files.

  • Module Developer

    Or, for those not comfortable (yet) with the terminal, just about any text editor (including the Pi’s) can do a “Find and Replace”.