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Spam Posts

  • Is there really nothing that can be done to stop the spam posts?

  • Module Developer


    The administrators have been battling spam for some time now but as of yet there is no long term solution. I volunteered months ago to help in any way that I could. After some changes the problem seemed to subside for a while but now it is sporadic. Some attacks are worse than others. Once the admins become aware of the attack they clean it up pretty quickly. I, too, look forward to a permanent solution.

  • I am on a few forums that use NodeBB and do not have these issues… it really ruins the experience of trying to learn and find resources

  • Module Developer


    I agree. Perhaps you should address the administrators of the forum and make them aware of your concerns. I’m just an old dude that dabbles in coding and likes to hang out here. I’d like nothing more than to see the spam go away.

  • Moderator

    I totally agree. This amount and quality of spam really annoys browsing the forum.
    As far as I know all anti-spam modules and settings are installed. As a moderator, the only thing I can do is deleting the postings and permanently ban the spam users.


    Just recently I suggested a few ideas like putting new users in a category that restricts them to only opening new threads every x hours. That might also recude unintentional spam but is not restricting you from taking part in discussions that already exist.

    This might lead to more spam inside threads, though, which might be even more disruptive.

    So, on top of that, if a post or thread by a person in the restricted category is flagged by more than n (2? 3?) persons in a short ammount of time, that post or thread would be temporarily removed until a moderator/admin checked it. This forum is pretty civil and I’d think abuse of this function would be low to zero.

    btw. double opt in didn’t seem to work a while back, is it working now?

  • Moderator

    @doubleT said in Spam Posts:

    . double opt in didn’t seem to work a while back, is it working now?

    I doubt that. Their email addresses are random characters @