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Multiple screens fo MM.

  • I was wondering if it is possible to install a multiple display MM? My idea is to install a large marge for a double sink vanity much like the frameless back lit one. But instead of having a monitor in the middle I would like to have two monitors. One on each the left & right sides. Being able to keep all of my modules on the the perimeter of the mirror. Is this possible or would you have to have (2) pi’s? One for each monitor?

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    @Joshrobbs1 hi of course u can use multiple screens, take a look at MMM-HelloLucy

  • @tbbear @Mykle1 Do you mean multiple pages of modules? I don’t see how this would help with configuring two monitors. Are you showing different pages on different displays?

    @Joshrobbs1 The Raspberry Pi will not support a second monitor out of the box. It is possible to support a second monitor on the RPi, but it will require additional hardware and a different flavour of Linux: See here You could also look for an old laptop that already supports dual monitors, which may be easier and give your setup much more memory and processing power.

    Even if you run two separate computers, you may decide to have them run off of a single MM server (think RPi3b with MM install, and an RPi0W that connects to it). Have a look at this tread here. Because their index.html codeblock is empty, I think @Alvinger used code (something like) this:

    document.documentBody.setAttribute('data-useragent', navigator.userAgent);

    Anyhow, this solution can be used regardless of whether the monitors are connected to the same computer, if you simply want to avoid running a separate instances of MM on each computer. This way you can decide which modules appear on each of your displays simply by using two different browsers.

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    @ninjabreadman said in Multiple screens fo MM.:

    Do you mean multiple pages of modules? I don’t see how this would help with configuring two monitors.

    I didn’t say a word. Robert mentioned Hello-Lucy, not me. 😕

  • @Mykle1 I know, but I figured as the author of MMM-Hello-Lucy you might be able to explain how (and if) it could help (because it wasn’t apparent to me). I only meant to mention you so that you got a notification; it definitely wasn’t meant to be accusatory.

  • I know about dueling banjos… don’t think that’ll help LOL

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    Heh, no worries ninja. 🙂

    Now, as far as the dual monitor setup is concerned, I think it’s asking a little too much from the Pi, which struggles under some ordinary circumstances

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    OOOO sorryyyy i didnt want a fight it was a misunderstanding my English 😞
    I thought he wants multiple pages on ONE screen
    my fault

  • Yes I️ guess what I️ meant wast different modules showing on different screens at the same time. For instance on the left monitor I️ would put time & date, & on a right monitor on the opposite side of the mirror I️ would have my weather etc. keeping all the info on the outer edges of a large 60”w x 36” H mirror. My idea is to run two monitors vertical on each side.

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    @tbbear said in Multiple screens fo MM.:

    OOOO sorryyyy i didnt want a fight

    haha, there’s no fight. Everything is cool. Me, you, ninja, we’re all one happy forum family. 🙂