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[Remote-Control] Shutdown, Configure and Update your MagicMirror

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    @ceerix Definitely something I would like to have, too, along with spawning new modules. I think it needs changes to the core project though, which support moving and creating of modules while running.

    @ianperrin Good idea, I answered on github.

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    New update:

    • It is now possible to “call” all functions provided via the remote control from modules through notifications (see the readme), thanks to @ianperrin

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  • Nice work, this module is a handy one!
    I have another feature request: HIDE_ALL and SHOW_ALL to hide / show all modules at once 🙂

  • Module Developer

    this function is called MONITORON - MONITOROFF 😉

  • Admin

    Super awesome work on the remote App!

    Not sure if you already noticed it, but there is a change in the hide/show mechanism which might be very helpful for you:

    Keep up the good work.

  • @Jopyth

    I use your MMM-Remote Control. Thank you for this verry good Modul.

    But I have a litlle question. Maybe some other will ask themselves too. In a single flat whit only one Person it wouldn’t a problem, but in a House/Flat whit more then one Person (wife/Children…) I thing it could maybe a problem that everybody can call the remote Page. And so I ask myself Is it possible and is it many work to code a PIN question before you can Open the page or clicking something?

    greets gismo

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    @gismo2006 Good idea. Originally I thought the IP address filtering coming in version 2.1.0 could serve that purpose. Do you think that would work? I.e. you can assign fixed IP addresses to your devices, and enter these addresses in the config.js, and only these IP’s are allowed to access the mirror (and also the Remote Control).

  • @Jopyth

    Hmmm… I think it was a step in a secrue direction. Because here everybody is ill I haven’t enough time to think about it now. But when I think shortly about your post. I think its a first good Idea. But if you say only fixed Ip’s can use and will controll by config.js file, its important only you can use the device. I think about a Desktop Pc in a famelie house. You used it, later your wife used it and if the childs grow up they used it. In the best case everbody has got their own User at the Desktop Pc but it will have the same Ip. So everybody can used the remote page too, because everybody used the PC. 🙂 Or maybe a tablet which is in the house You see some www Page, later your wife talked about skype, and later the Childs manipulate your mirror because it is funny to hide everything…

    Maybe I think to much about manipulating your mirror in your own flat/house. and they will never happend anything but who knowns… 🙂

    By the way, I really hope, my old englich Teacher will never,never see my Postings… 😃

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    @gismo2006 Good point. We might even want something like this option in the core.

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