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Rude Module Developers

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    I’m getting sick and tired of rude and downright obnoxious developers.

    In my case, I submitted a couple of suggestions to a developer to improve his product in my view for my specific case, and asked that they be added as options. I get the effective response of “Screw off, this is the way it works” and both suggestions closed with the same message.

    Please, developers - consider your user base - I, for one, don’t know Javascript in the slightest, other than what I’ve learned about syntax from the config file. If you could be nicer to the user base - I for one, would be grateful.

    I’m very close to just deleting Magic Mirror and forgetting about this project.

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    So I did a little research and I can’t really comprehend.
    I cannot find any developer being just a little rude to you at all!

    “Feel free to fork the module and customize it for your own needs.”


    Only one developer suggesting (!) to you to make your own fork. While I think working with PR’s and improving the original module is better I guess you can just respect his view.

    Sorry but we’re all at the beginning at some point (I am as well).
    Pointing out someone as rude just because he is not interested in doing the work you suggested is a bit off.

    Go ahead, learn more Javascript, do forks and send PR’s.
    It’s fun!

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    @bkeyport Rude? Seriously? This a ‘project’…that means that YOU are required to do some of the work not just make requests and have people just comply with them. They are not trying to be rude they just don’t have time or desire to build a module for your mirror. Most developers do this for themselves and give it freely to the community.

    The REAL problem I see around here is that the vast majority of developers have full time jobs and this is a hobby for them. BUT people are turning their hobby into a full time free job. It’s not how it works.

    Developers WILL help you but at times people ask for things that would literally require a developer to rewrite the entire module which, and I don’t blame them, they do NOT want to do.

    With all that in mind did you ask ANYONE else for help or just go to the developer and didn’t get what you wanted so now you’re mad? Did you post a topic on the forum asking for help?

    This is THE very reason why I quit releasing ANY modules at all. I work all day and ‘tinker’ when I get home but I kept coming home to a WALL of requests to basically rewrite entire modules so instead of showing blue squares it would show red circles…[just a made up example] because one person wanted it that way. I too no longer do that.

    Go buy a TV and tell them you want it to be able to come on at 4PM before you get home and turn itself off by 11 when you go to bed…see how that works out for you. Point is they aren’t trying to be rude but what you’re not taking into account is that possibly…maybe…perhaps…they also had a bad day.

    I write modules for the ‘majority’…I have had people offer me money to write something specific for them.

    So before you come here telling the world someone is rude think about it… you’re just mad because you didn’t get exactly what you wanted. Next time ask the “community” for help OR fork it and try it yourself and if you have a problem ask the ‘community’ to help you. I know they will… I just did that very thing for someone yesterday… they wanted guidance on how to do something…so here

    Asked for help, explained what he was trying to do and VIOLA! Help came…easy as that. THIS, what you’re doing…will get you nothing but more frustration.

    I know SEVERAL developers that would have jumped in if you simply asked for help and not did this…

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    He is playing a joke, right? He can’t be serious, can he?

  • @mykle1 sadly not a joke. I see this all the time.

    New users wanting quick results ‘expect’ that users who have provided solutions ‘should’ make changes for them. They have no experience with open source or voluntary contribution.

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    Ahh, too bad. So sad.

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    @sdetweil NOR do they even try. They also apparently do NOT know how to ask for help either. When I first came on here I read and used the “SEARCH” feature to see if anyone else was having the same issue and how they fixed it. I also went out on the internet and searched for solutions…it’s OPEN SOURCE, not free.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    I understand the frustration felt by people who feel like they don’t have the skills to make the changes themselves. I used to be there too. But as others suggest, a community driven project like this really requires you to get you own hands dirty and be prepared to learn something new.

    JavaScript isn’t that hard as far as programming languages go, and modifying someone else’s code is the best way to dip your toe in the water. Also, Google is your friend when you get stuck.

    The above quote suggesting that user fork the code is mine. In my case, I live in the UK now, and making changes to MMM-MyScoreboard means I need to stay up really late to test any changes. Like most people here, I have a regular 9-5 job that isn’t this nor do I program for a living. So to be blunt I’m not going to make many changes to the code beyond what I use it for. Maybe that can be considered a rude response, but it was wasn’t my intent when I made that statement. I was genuinely trying to encourage him to find his own solution. There are plentiful resources available without depending on others to do the work for you.

    Respectfully, Google is your friend.

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    @j-e-f-f But it’s okay to ask for help, that’s never a problem. But asking and demanding are two different things. I have had people make demands and I too will just ignore it. So I understand your desire NOT to want to stay up all night to make sure something works.

    If you ever need something tested I’m in the US always happy to help! 🙂

    But I also agree that what I’ve been seeing here in the last few months is kinda out of control… People getting mad if you don’t just do something for them. That’s the MAJOR reason why I haven’t been on in a while and don’t check this daily anymore. That’s the reason for the forum…to ask questions, get help and gain understanding. I wrote in PHP and JS was a new thing to me months ago but Thanks to a few people that helped me with JS and I’m off and running… and I agree this is a ‘project’…means you need to roll your sleeves and be willing to get dirty…

  • I stumbled onto MM2.5 10 days ago with little background in JS. I’ve had a blast getting my mirror set-up and am in awe of its capabilities and the developers contributing time and energy to this FREE project. Complaining about anything just seems misplaced to me. Instead, dig in a little and “learn the ropes”. Don’t know if I’ll dig in myself, but it sure looks like fun!

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