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MMM-WeatherDependentClothes - Be properly dressed

  • A short look on this module before going out for work (and maby later for a drink) to check if you are properly dressed for the weather next 8+ hours.


    What do you think about it? I am happy to read your thoughts.

  • Hi,

    how is the windspeed (windspeed_max) condition interpreted if the units are changed from m/s to kph? Do I still set the contidion in m/s or do i have to set it in kph?


  • Hey Kai,
    if I remember correctly the module simply checks the values specified in the conditions with the fetched weather data values. So if you specify conditions in imperal units and also request imperial weather data, it should work out just fine. Can’t tell for sure as I’ve no time for checking. You could test it and let us know.

  • Module Developer

    Funny idea @Frühstück.
    Have only found it just know from the new comments.
    Do you know my module MMM-WeatherBoy?
    Maybe both of these can profit from each other.
    Will have a closer look at yours soon!

  • Thanks @lavolp3. I’ve uploaded this module and finished my mirror 10 months ago and since then I was rather inactive. Had a quick peek into yours and it’s a nice idea - especially as it is for your kids.
    Yeah, feel free to let me know if you find anything worth chainging in WeatherDependendClothes (except the somewhat unlucky and hard to spell name). ^^
    Good luck and have fun building!

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