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[MMM-GmailFeed] - Simple Gmail unread messages list/notification

  • Description:
    This module hooks into the rss feed of a gmail account, to show a list of unread emails.


    • Support gmail and gsuite accounts
    • Configurable refresh intervals
    • New Mail notification sound
    • Configurable text widths
    • .css file for customization if desired
    • Always shows unread total count, regardless of list size limit setting.

    I work as as software engineer from home. Keeping track of my daily calendar is vital to my job. I have a small 19" monitor in portrait mode hooked to an rPi, setup to my side. It shows me the days weather, time, forecast, and of course Calendar!! It was doing a fantastic job of helping me keep track of events. But, I was still too slow noticing important new emails. I tried the IMAP based MM modules, but found them lacking with regards to just giving me updates to what is fresh/new. I forked the MMM-JsonTable module, and tweaked it to work with the Gmail RSS feed. Now, I get a nice short list of most-recent unread email at the bottom of my MM.



  • @shaneapowell
    is there a way to make the font Bigger on the header or just get rid of it.
    I cant read it unless I get up and go across the room 15ft. so that line of Information is
    useless to me. Also can I get rid of the line under it.
    I have poured over your MMM-GmailFeed files and can not for the life of me find that font size.
    I have xxsmall xsmall small medium and have tried large for font sizes.
    I found the actual email font size but the header is elusive.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @Plainbroke-0 said in [MMM-GmailFeed] - Simple Gmail unread messages list/notification:

    is there a way to make the font Bigger on the header or just get rid of it.

    In your custom.css file

    To modify the header font

    .MMM-GmailFeed .module-header {
      color: yellow;
      text-align: center;
      font-size: 28px;

    To make the header “underline” go away

    .MMM-GmailFeed .module-header {
      border-bottom: none;

  • Mykle1
    Thank you so much I spent probably 3 hrs trying to find it on my own…
    The only way I can learn this stuff.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer


    Been there, my friend. Don’t sweat it. It takes time but it is rewarding. 👍

  • Hello,

    I am getting: Error: [null].
    I’m 100% sure my email and password are correct. Do you know what can be the problem, please?


  • I got the same error and are searching for a solution

  • I think it is to do with Google’s security settings. See if you got an email saying you had a blocked access attempt. You can change the settings under ‘security’ to allow less secure apps though it is not recommended.

    On the github it says you can set up an app specific password, again look under security settings in your google account, you need two factor authentication on…

  • @Lagmin , as the boss explain : “Your gmail password. If you are using 2 factor auth, you’ll need to generate a unique “App Password”. Go to your google account settings page, look in the “security” section on the left menu. You should find where to add an App Password there.” For me i’m not using 2 factor auth and i have the “null” message and have to allow less security App, maybe it 's the http and not https. I hope it will work for you.

  • @shaneapowell, Thanks a lot, work great.

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