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[MMM-Buttons] Connect multiple buttons to send configurable notifications

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    This is a module for Magic Mirror² to act based on button presses via GPIO.
    It is basically a generalized version of the Button module, original idea comes from @PtrBld.
    It is capable of connecting multiple buttons at once, which can be individually configured.
    However it only sends out notifications to other modules.

    For example this can be used to send notifications to the following modules:



    Error on npm install: An unhandled error occurred inside electron-rebuild. Unable to find electron-prebuilt’s version number, either install it or specify an explicit version

    Possible Solution: Upgrade your MagicMirror 2.1.0 or higher.


    [1.0.0] - 2017-01-28

    Initial release of the Buttons module.

  • This sounds awesome! Do you think there is a relatively easy way to output from the GPIO instead? I would like to turn my TV off using a transistor being it does not support HDMI-CEC like a monitor does. I’m thinking this might be best discussed with regards to MMM-Remote-Control.

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    Nice! I think many people will be able to use this for their mirror

  • Hi @Jopyth !

    Thanks for your module.

    I would like to use an on / off button instead of a push button
    for my garage door project (

    Is there a way to send a notification on “button_up” and an other notification on “Button_down” ?

    Thank you very much 😉

  • Does anyone know how to read the initial value of a button (GPIO) before it is run ?


  • @Jopyth Moved my post here out from another thread.

    I am having one more issue though. Using a python test program i can see every single instance of my button press is registered instantly. But in the mirror it seems MMM-Buttons doesnt register pushes unless sometimes I double or triple click…then sometimes the button registers 5-6 times. I’m not really sure how to debug this sort of thing.

    Also would it be right to assume the pull up/down resistors were not enabled with MMM-Buttons?

  • @Mar i have same problem. I run my little script before start MM and its solve the problem

  • @istepgueu Ive taken your program and modified it for me two buttons 5/6. And while the program reads my button presses perfectly, MM-Buttons doesnt at all. I pretty much have to double click each time to make a button register. It switches my profiles just fine … but just takes lots of clicks to register.

    import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
    import time
    GPIO.setup(5, GPIO.IN, pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_UP)
    GPIO.setup(6, GPIO.IN, pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_UP)
    tries = 0
    while (tries < 200000):
        if GPIO.input(6):
            print("Open 6")
            print("Close 6")
        if GPIO.input(5):
            print("Open 5")
            print ("Close 5")
        tries = tries + 1

  • @istepgueu Will take a look through this now, but i already have a 1k resistor between pins 5/6 and the respective button. Hopefully something else comes up here.

    Yes my problem seems a bit opposite of what was posted in your link. I dont have any erroneous button presses, it just takes a few clicks until MMM-Buttons registers the click. You registers every click instantly. So must be something in the buttons code?

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