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B&W themed hallway mirror with 32” display

  • Hello,

    I’ve been lurking in the forums and now I present you my mirror:

    You can find more pictures and details on Google photos
    (There’s comment on every photo)

    This mirror has been in the making for the last 6 months or so. I purchased Rpi 3 for 20 euros (25 dollars) on last black friday, 24th October 2017. At first I thought what to do with it. I was tempted to have some sort of screen where I could see what’s playing on Spotify while making food and such so I don’t have to unlock iPad or phone everytime for this. I didn’t have any suitable space in my living room. I remembered I had read about MagicMirror sometime earlier and that was it. I had hallway mirror in the hallway and that seemed to be the only place where I could ”hide” the display. Luckily while making the mirror MMM-NowPlayingOnSpotify module was released 😉 🎧

    This started search for display for at least 30” at around christmas time. The idea was to put it in vertical position at top of the mirror while covering the whole upper area and being wide enough so that I could see my whole upper body on the mirror. Of course it had to be as bright as possible while being thin at the same time. After about one month of search I found used 32” LG signage series info display, 32WL30MS-B.

    Next I had to find suitable frame. I didn’t want the mirror to stand out really and the goal was to make it look as any standard mirror while hiding the thickness of the display, 3,56 cm. I found planing mill which seemed to have pretty perfect frame for my display and it just needed some cuts with circular saw at the back side to fit it in. Sorry, I don’t have any pictures for the cutting part. Yes, the frame is pretty massive, it’s 5,8 cm thick and 4 meters of frame weights 5,5 kg all alone!

    I’m from Finland and here we have sauna in almost every building. I thought it would be cool to have the temperature shown in the mirror. Luckily I found out that MMM-temp-ds18b20 module was perfect for this. DS18B20 sensors can handle 125C temperatures so I wired one of them to the sauna which is behind the mirror. The other one lies at the bottom of the mirror showing the hallway temperature.

    More pictures:

    These modules are installed (at the time of writing):

    MMM-AlexaPi (AlexaPi as core)


    MMM-Carousel, switching the following




    Feel free to comment or ask questions!

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    Well done, young man!

  • Looks pretty damned awesome! Well done!
    Did u loosen the pir sensor from the board? Clever, havent thought of that!

  • @Mykle1 Not sure if I’m that young anymore but thank you Mykle1! 🙂
    @Kimzer Yes, the pir sensor was removed from the board and soldered to the wires. I didn’t want the wires to be too long however.

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    @dmd said in B&W themed hallway mirror with 32” display:

    Not sure if I’m that young anymore but thank you Mykle1!

    I see your reflection in your mirror. You’re young. 🙂

  • Module Developer

    Very Nice!!! Love it!!!

  • Great job!

  • Hieno peili!

    Onko ollut mitään ongelmia ohjelmiston asennuksen kanssa?

  • @gashion said in B&W themed hallway mirror with 32” display:

    Hieno peili!

    Onko ollut mitään ongelmia ohjelmiston asennuksen kanssa?

    Kiitos! MagicMirror asentui automaattiasennuksella ja kaikki modulit ongelmitta. Raspbian Strechin asennukseen käytin Etcheriä

    Perusasennukseen käytin tätä ohjetta:

    Strech päivittynyt hieman tuon jälkeen eli valikot löytyy hieman eri kohdista. OpenWeatherMap ei tietääkseni jaa enää ilmaisia api avaimia eli sääennusteen saamisesta toimimaan tällä hetkellä en osaa sanoa.

    *Same in English. Did you had any problems installing the software?
    No, MagicMirror software installed with automatic install. For Raspian Strech I used Etcher image tool. All the modules installed with no problem. Not sure if you can get weather forecast working at the moment as OpenWeatherMap doesn’t provide free api keys anymore. *

  • Moi,

    Mitä peiliä sinä käytit, tavalinen tai olet tilannut joku erikoista ?

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