[MMM-OnScreenMenu] Simple On-Screen Menu for controlling the MagicMirror²

  • Module Developer


    The MMM-OnScreenMenu Module provides a small, customizable, material-style floating action button menu for controlling the MagicMirror².

    Basic Functions:

    1. Control the power to the screen (On/Off/Toggle).
    2. Manage the Mirror (Shutdown/Reboot/Restart MM²/Refresh Window).
    3. Module Visibility (Show/Hide/Toggle).
    4. Send Notifications to Other Modules:
      • Switch Profiles in MMM-ProfileSwitcher
      • Perform other module functions from a button in the menu.

    The menu is designed to be controllable from multiple devices:

    • Mouse Control
    • Touchscreen Control
    • Keyboard Control
    • Bluetooth Remote via MMM-KeyBindings
    • Module Notifications from other modules


    SEE LIVE DEMO/MOCKUP HERE: https://codepen.io/shbatm/pen/OggMbr/

    First: Touch Mode; Middle: Hidden/Mouseover Mode; Last: Demo


    Version 0.0.9

    • Initial Public Release for Testing – please let me know via this thread or GitHub Issues if you find any bugs or have any feature requests; always open to feedback!

  • I’ll have to test that on my touch screen ;)
    Looks great!

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