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(2.1.0) New default module: update notification.

  • Admin

    The new default module updatenotification will display a message whenever a new version of the MagicMirror application is available. It will show the number of commits behind on the current branch and the name of the active branch.

    The new module is included in the new sample config. Make sure you add it to your own config if you want to add it:

        module: "updatenotification",
        position: "top_center"

    This module uses new default translations. Any pull requests with translation in other languages are welcome! (English and Dutch already included.)

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @MichMich isn’t it like pushing down the other modules with the default module margin, if there is no update available?

    Firing an alert would make more sense to me.

    PS; german translation added

  • Moderator

    I like the idea, but as @strawberry-3-141 says, maybe a notification at start up would be good alternative? Or as an additional option, so if you do not set a position, you see the notification, and if you have a fixed position it does not show a notification.

    If it pushes other modules down, the module could just hide itself instead?

    @strawberry-3-141 Added some feedback on the translation.

  • Admin

    Indeed, when hidden it is pushing down other modules. Will fix this in an upcoming release. (This is actually a core issue … When it’s hidden. It should not push other modules down.)

    I’m not a fan of an alert since these are very obstructive. In some cases you won’t have the time to immediately update. If we use notifications, these would stay in the way.

    Since most mirrors aren’t restarted very often, a message at start up would not make much sense.

  • Admin

    Margin issue should be fixed now.

  • Moderator

    @MichMich Well, I start my mirror in the morning, and shut it down before going to sleep, so a notification at start up would be perfect for me. I even installed a “light” switch under my mirror to do that. But maybe this is really just me, I can implement this on my fork.

  • Admin

    But then still, after starting you would instantly see the message, right?

  • Moderator

    @MichMich Yes. Since the mirror is integrated into our wardrobe, with our shoes beneath it, I get ready for my morning run in front of it. So there I would notice the update notification (that was my original thought at least). But this is really not a big issue, the fixed message probably works fine as well.

  • @MichMich

    hi, an where can i find this module?

    I recently install mm2 an there is no notification in the default modules.

  • Core Contributors

    @lolobyte Hi, you can find it into the develop branch.

    Please check out a clean clone

    git clone -b develop 

    Or using your MagicMirror code project

    cd ~/MagicMirror
    git fetch
    git checkout develop

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