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Screen capture on a Raspberry Pi

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    I had to look this one up myself today. For those of you wanting to do a screen capture on your MM2 on the raspberry pi, you can install the scrot package (sudo apt-get install scrot) and use it to do that. Simply issuing the scrot command from a terminal will take a screen capture of what’s being displayed and saves a PNG file in the current folder. You can also tell it where to put the file by issuing scrot /path/to/file.png - note you must put in a file name as well for this to work.

    Now obviously you can’t do that when MM2 is running, but you can do it through an SSH login to the raspberry pi. You will have to tell it which display to use: DISPLAY=:0 scrot /path/to/file.png.

    Because I develop from a remote machine (through SSH), the above command comes in handy because I can drop the file onto a shared folder and access it from my remote system.

    Using scrot beats taking a picture of the screen whenever you want to show something on your MM installation.

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    Thanks! Good to know. I usually use VNC, but this could be helpful too.

  • If you are interested in using screen capture you can try techsmith.

  • Thanks for the information.

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    Really helpful, thanks!

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